Sales Manager - 4

Before we switched to using MOE shipping equipment back to the leasing company was a hassle. We never knew who or when they would show up. Prices were all over the place and they never ran out of excuses as to why they were late or not getting the equipment back on time or even why the price had changed so drastically from one pick up to the next. We are a small business and like everyone else have to fight for every dime to make it today. Finding MOE was one of the best things to have happen to us. Our business was founded on Customer Service we firmly believe that in todays business world that is the only way to survive. MOE has the same philosophy. Their customer service has been great. Toni has been fantastic at getting the information back to us so we may move quickly our getting our deals secured. They are here when they say they will be and Mike the driver that works our area is always professional and courteous. Their prices are fair and always willing to let you know what is going on. They treat the equipment with great care to get it where it needs to go without damage and it gets there on time saving our customers money. I feel we have a great team with MOE and would highly recommend them to anyone.

By:  James

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