Our Mission

Our company specializes in transporting office equipment, backed by over 30 years in the office equipment business. MOE (Moving Office Equipment) takes pride in offering the highest quality of service to ensure that your copier arrives in the exact condition it left your facility. This ensures that you will not incur any additional charges. Customer care and satisfaction is our main focus. We look forward to assisting you with all of your copier needs. – Moving Office Equipment

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Hard Drive Replacement

Office-to-Office Transport

Off-Lease Copier Transport

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Company History

After working in the copier industry since 1981 and owning my own copier dealership for 14 years I decided to start MOE (Moving Office Equipment) in 2005. I got so aggravated with returning equipment, as it was difficult and expensive to do it. One day I got the idea to transport the machines myself. I also started contacting other equipment companies about it, and they were very interested. I started with one pickup truck and a small sixteen foot trailer. Mid-way through our first year, I had to purchase my first box truck because the name MOE seemed to spread almost like wild fire. Between 2006 and 2008, I added 4 more box trucks, hired our first sales personnel, and upgraded to a larger 32ft trailer. In 2009, I brought on my son Garrett Glass to help with small tasks and billing in the office. I never imagined that his young ideas and hard work could help launch our company up, over, and beyond what we had been doing. Now we have a great team and continue to add to our staff as our business grows. Currently, MOE has over 25 trucks with warehouses in Columbus, GA,  Orlando, FL and Fredericksburg, VA!  We are truly appreciative to our loyal customers and awesome MOE staff for our growth! MOE’s Southern hospitality has been a reflection of our company since day one and it has worked highly in our favor. Therefore, we will continue to conduct our business with respect, professionalism, and the best customer service possible!