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Let MOE transport your copier!

Our company specializes in transporting office equipment, backed by over 30 years in the office equipment business. MOE (Moving Office Equipment) takes pride in offering the highest quality of service to ensure that your copier arrives in the exact condition it left your facility. This ensures that you will not incur any additional charges. Customer care and satisfaction is our main focus. We look forward to assisting you with all of your copier needs. – Moving Office Equipment

Copier Lease Return

Moving Office Equipment can pick up your off lease copier and have it shipped back to the leasing company on time, with knowledge, professionalism, and for a very competitive rate! Our service includes; complete and correct handling of your off-lease equipment, fuel, insurance amount, and complete shipment from your location to the return warehouse. All you have to do is make the equipment available to the driver and we will handle it from there! Not to mention we can have this awesome service done not only by the date given, but at a very competitive rate!

Copier Disposal

MOE can pick up your copier and have it disposed of at a competitive price. Ask your representative today how the process works!

We can transport, store, and dispose of your business copier here at MOE - Moving Office Equipment.

Copier Storage

Do you need to store your old copiers until their lease expires? Moving Office Equipment can pick up your old equipment and securely store it in one of our three warehouse location, Georgia, Virginia, or Florida. We have monthly rates starting at $15.00 a month. Whether you have 1 or 100 copiers, MOE can accomodate your needs!

Hard Drive Replacement

When copying a document, you need to do more than simply remove the piece of paper to protect any sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Modern digital copiers contain hard drives like a computer, allowing them to store images of every document ever scanned. These images often contain social security numbers, credit card accounts and medical records, making them prime targets for identity thieves.

Standard Replacement:

MOE will send a tech to your location before copier transport, remove the old HD, and replace with a new one. The customer is to keep the old HD.

Premium Replacement:

A technician replaces old HD with a new one. The old HD can then be shipped to our servicing agency where it will be destroyed. The customer will receive a Certificate of Destruction. Certificates serve as a guarantee that the hard drive and any contained information will be destroyed.

Office-to-Office Transport

Is your office moving from one location to another? MOE can help. We offer “office to office” rates that leave the competition in the dust! Whether its from one state to the other or just a “down-the-street move”. Moving Office Equipment can accommodate the shipment! Packaging, fuel, and insurance are included with the rate so there are no hidden fees with MOE.

Moving Office Equipment can conveniently schedule any office to office moves you may need! Whether its office relocation or you have an office closing permanently, we can accommodate the copier shipment!

Moving Office Equipment Truck at Warehouse in Columbus Georgia

Off Lease Copier Transport

When your contract has ended with the leasing company and you need to have the copier returned to the receiving warehouse, MOE is the way to go! We offer competitive pricing; over 25 years of copier knowledge, as well as a good rapport with the receiving warehouses, and let’s not forget outstanding customer service!  We will have your off leased equipment transported in a timely manner with unbeatable pricing and most importantly delivered in the same condition that it left your facility in!

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