Need Somewhere to Store Your Copier in Columbus, GA, Fort Worth, TX, Orlando, FL or Fredericksburg, VA?

Moving Office Equipment provides copier storage in our fully staffed and fully functioning warehouses

Need storage for your copiers? Moving Office Equipment can pick up your old equipment and securely store it at one of our closest warehouse locations. We will keep a detailed inventory of your equipment and will even let you know when the lease is expiring and ready to be returned.

Our Canon or Xerox storage solutions are perfect for:

  • Dealers upgrading equipment with limited office space
  • Customers that simply don't have the room for their equipment
  • Anyone who just wants to get rid of or recycle the equipment

Call 877-480-0391 today to take advantage of our copier storage services.

Office equipment storage Columbus, GA, Orlando, FL, & Fort Worth, TX

Don't pay an early return fee to your leasing company

Many copier dealers or leasing companies in Columbus, GA, Fort Worth, TX, Orlando, FL or Fredericksburg, VA don't allow businesses to return their copiers early. If they do, it's usually for a costly premium. When you reach out to us for Canon copier storage, disposal or recycling services, we will:

  • Pick up your copier and transport it to our secure warehouse
  • Hold onto the unit until you upgrade to a new one or have use for it in your office
  • Deliver the copier to your new office or recycle it for you

To learn more about our copier disposal and Xerox storage services, contact us today. We serve Columbus, GA, Fort Worth, TX, Orlando, FL, Fredericksburg, VA and surrounding areas.

We'll take your copier off your hands

Are unused copy machines taking up valuable space in your office? Use our Xerox or Canon copier storage solutions to keep them out of sight. Whether you simply want them recycled or you're freeing up space during office renovations, our team will arrive promptly and haul them away in a flash.

We offer free estimates to help you make the right decision for your budget. Reach out today to set up an appointment.