Hey I wanted to let you guys know that the printer made it here yesterday in good shape. The gentleman that made the delivery was very professional and attentive. I got wrapped up in doing another task and never got a chance to thank him. Could you please let him know that we appreciated his professionalism and tell him Thank You Very Much for all of his help! You guys have a great Thanksgiving!

-Randy S

I just wanted to say that your driver Adrian was truly great! Due to bad weather in our area, I changed the plans on him several times which I know had to be annoying but he was so accommodating and nice when he showed up. Just wanted to brag on your great employee!

-Haley Otey

Chuck was great! Came by to pick up on time and with zero hassle--very easy process

-Schock Logistics

I had a double-booked order and while trying to figure out the order, Chris had the patience of Job and handled the situation with grace and understanding. I appreciate that she went above and beyond and kept a positive attitude about the situation.


One of your drivers, Nacurvie Smith, came to our warehouse today to pick up a machine (order # 21-05104). He was professional in his attitude and appearance. His paperwork was organized and ready. He make MOE look good. Hire more people like Nacurvie Smith.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jeff & Billy. They were super friendly, had their paperwork in order and organized. They both were very knowledgeable of our services, and hope to be able to have them come by again

-D.L Gordon Flesch Company

Billy is a delight to work with and does a fantastic job every time!


Your driver Bob has been here many times and does an outstanding job every time. He is a great asset to MOE.

-JJ, Redline

Your driver Maurice just called (very very nice guy) please pass along that Maurice was extremely friendly and professional!!

-JG, Expedite Transport

Barbie, I just want to tell you; you are the best. You and Nikki replied our emails very fast and with complete information. Hope it will stay this way and it will surely minimize calling you guys.
Thank you!

-Amable O'Neal Schock Logisitics

I don't need anything, just wanted to compliment one of your drivers. I'm heading home from a quick trip to swfl and around Benning, GA, a vehicle stalled and braked hard suddenly on the road in the middle of a pack of traffic in front of your driver who was in front of me. Your driver was able to maneuver quickly around this disabled vehicle with grace and safety and that enabled no accident on this day. I wanted to let y'all know that we appreciate his quick, safe capabilities to ensure no harm came . Thank you for a great driver!

- Peter Boyer, FL Tractor Driver

I thought I would mention and you can pass it along, the driver that was here this morning, I know is new, he did a great job here today. Very efficient, personable and polite. The kind of person you want representing your company. Just wanted you all to know.

- Kenneth Garrett, GA Driver

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