Moving your office to a new location? Closing an office location?


You've spent weeks, maybe even months, planning to move your office. You've packed up your documents, loaded up the furniture and even bubble-wrapped the breakroom water cooler. Now, all that's left is to pack up your copier. Instead of loading it into the back of a pickup truck, why not hire reliable shipper specialized in copier transport?
Moving Office Equipment provides copier equipment transportation services whether you are moving down the street, state to state, or across the country! You can depend on MOE to take of all your relocation needs.

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Why should you hire commercial movers?

Why should you hire commercial movers?

You might be tempted to move all of your office equipment yourself; however we urge you to consider hiring the professionals at Moving Office Equipment instead. Here's why:

  • Most copiers are under lease. By contract, you are asked to have the copier moved by carriers who specialize in copier transport to insure safe packaging and knowledge of the equipment.
  • You can avoid injuring yourself or your employees while trying to handle heavy equipment.
  • Local movers will not properly prepare the unit for transport and can cause damage to the unit or even a total lost in transit with little to no insurance coverage.
  • The servicing dealer may be reluctant to service the unit after having the copier moved by a non-specialized company. Shipping with MOE ensures you are covered with proper insurance so you have no issues with your dealer or leasing company. Better safe than sorry!
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