New Year, Different Ideas, Same GOAL!

What Up With MOE??

With the latest warehouse added to our fast growing company, our Texas location is now fully functioning, fully staffed, and fully committed! In addition to opening more locations to better serve our customers, MOE has added several box trucks and semis to our fleet. Along with great customer service, dedicated drivers, and competitive rates, MOE is charging into 2019 with high hopes and strong determination!

Driver Spotlight - DONNIE SHERMAN

Driver Spotlight - DONNIE SHERMAN

We want to publicly commend this awesome driver for an outstanding job this month! Not only is he dedicated, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile, he is great with our customers! We received a call complimenting Donnie on his great customer service, outstanding kindness, and willingness to help. The words used to describe the MOE experience with Donnie were "you just don't find people like that anymore, so we had to call in and let you all know what a great employee you have." Thank You Donnie!!! Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed!


  • Industry leading pricing
  • Continued dedication
  • Industry shaking ideas
  • New locations
  • Driver incentives
  • Added trucks
  • Staff achievements


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